Welcome to UP BioFuel

UP BioFuel is a collaborative effort to realize and capture the potential for growing biomass on unused or underused agricultural land in the Western Upper Peninsula that will be harvested and used as a fuel source.  “Biomass” is defined material derived from plants, or more generally any material that is organic in origin, including trees, grass, peat, crop residues, manures, animal processing waste and crops grown specifically for energy production.  Based on research conducted by experts from Michigan Technological University’s School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science there are three potential biofuel crops ideal for the Western U.P.’s growing conditions, which include switchgrass, hybrid poplar trees, and hybrid willow trees.

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Check out the Presentation on MI Biomaterials Initiative recently presented at Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance

To review the full research report and learn more details about each biofuel crop please click on the Landowners Page.

NMU’s new electrical source

Michigan Tech symposium on biofuels held in April 2014: Click here

>>>The U.P. Biofuels Cooperative Strategy was recently completed.  To view it click here.

>>>A business plan for the Porcupine Pellet Plant was recently completed. To view it click here or visit the Industry Page.

How is this effort made possible?

Western Upper Peninsula Planning & Development Region (WUPPDR) applied for and received funding from the Community Adjustment and Investment Program (CAIP) to assist the region in economic development endeavors. Specifically, the funding has been used to conduct the research mentioned above, conduct community outreach and will be used to develop a business plan to establish a Pellet producing facility in Ontonagon County. In addition, a cooperative strategy will be developed for local landowners who are interested in growing biofuel crops on their land.

WUPPDR was also successful in attaining funding from PureMichigan’s Energy Office and local partners to support an outreach workshop in 2011 for Western U.P. landowners about the possibility of growing biofuel crops on their land.  Funding was again attained this year to hold a second workshop on June 19, 2012 to further discuss biofuel crop opportunities. Video links of the presentations from the workshop will be made available on this website on June 26, 2012.