U.P. Landowners BioFuel Workshop

In 2011, the Western Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Region along with Michigan Tech, funded in part by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (Biomass Energy Program) sponsored a biofuel workshop, which focused on educating the public on biocrop production and the opportunities growing biocrops offers landowners in the Region.

Through research completed by the Michigan Tech School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science, biocrops, such as switchgrass, poplar, and willow trees have been proven to grow successfully in the Western Upper Peninsula. Converting unused land to biofuel crop farms presents an income opportunity for land owners in the Upper Peninsula.

WUPPDR hosted a second workshop on June 19, 2012 at 5:45 on the Michigan Tech campus. This workshop emphasized the next stage, including the presentation of a biofuel website, formation of a cooperative, and the ultimate goal of bringing a pellet plant into production in the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

U.P. BioFuel Workshop Part 1

U.P. BioFuel Workshop Part 2

U.P. BioFuel Presentations
Opening Remarks, Kim Stoker, WUPPDR Executive Director
Biocrop Research Results, Dr. Robert Froese, Michigan Tech School of Forestry
Producing Biomass, Zach Halkola, Traxys Power
Opportunities in Cooperatives, Roger Woods, Michigan Tech School of Business & Economics
Closing Remarks, Kim Stoker, WUPPDR Executive Director